The Gateway Internship exists to spiritually, professionally, and relationally equip young leaders within the local church.

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Our Internship Model

We have a 3-sided approach to engage people in an immersive ministry environment. The Gateway Internship is a place where you will receive:

Personal Mentorship

Weekly oversight meetings with Gateway staff create opportunities for personalized feedback so every intern can grow spiritually, professionally, and relationally.

Leadership Training

Regular classes and training from seasoned leaders will give interns tools to help equip them in every area of leadership. Leadership within the Local Church is multi-faceted, and our desire is to prepare each intern in practical ways.

Hands-On Ministry Experience

Interns will work as part of the staff in all aspects of Gateway.  By being a part of a new church plant, interns will gain valuable leadership skill in all aspects of local church ministry. Interns will apply for specific roles within the staff that are related with their gifts and passions.

Key Details

  • Living/Housing – Interns will be expected to acquire housing in the Sugar Land area
  • Weekly Time Expectation – We ask that all interns commit to 15-20 hours a week. Sundays (6a-2p) and Tuesdays (9a-5p). Then a 4 hour time block outside those fixed times.
  • School Credit – School credit is available from certain institutions for those who are interested. We will partner with your school to help you meet the requirements.
  • Transportation – The majority of your responsibilities will require that you have a reliable form of transportation which makes a license and car mandatory for your internship.


Internship will run from August 10, 2021 – May 2, 2022

August 10 – Intern Arrival & Internship Orientation

September 26 – 28 – Gateway Conference

November 21 – 25 – Thanksgiving Break

December 20 – January 2 – Christmas Break

March 14 - 20 – Spring Break

May 3 – Graduation Dinner

Optional Global Outreach – Summer 2022

Areas of Ministry

  • Worship
  • Live Production
  • Ministry Administrative
  • Pastoral Care
  • Children’s Ministry
  • Students & Young Adult Ministry
  • Next Steps – Growth Track, Small Groups, & Volunteer Team Leadership
  • Media & Creative
  • Communications
  • Local Outreach

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TEstimonial by Grace T.

What made you get into it? I grew up in the church and in my high school years I went to this one church that was a catalyst for exponential growth in my faith. It was     there where, I went from riding off my parents’ faith to having a faith that I wanted for my own. The church was used as an instrument to draw me closer to God in having a father-daughter relationship. For a long time, I felt like missions was going to be my lane. But after college, I realized that my calling was here in the US, specifically within the church. I wanted to be able to give back in a sense. I felt like the next step was to do the Gateway internship after hearing about it.

What area where are you serving? I’ve served on the communications team and the Build Team and Growth Track. Both helped me to help create a home for others. It also     helped me to connect with others through serving.

What is your experience with Gateway Church culture? I LOVE how Gateway culture empowers you to lead. I have never been in an environment where people’s ideas are valued. The synergy being able to openly share ideas was truly incredible to be a part of. Another element of the culture that I love is seeing how people love and value. It made me feel secure to be in a place where I was seen known heard valued and loved. I could be authentic because the pastors and volunteers were authentic.

How did you grow spiritually, professionally, and relationally? At Gateway we talked all the time about HBO (hearing, believing, and obeying God) and I grew tremendously in my spiritual walk. Seeing the church say yes to God helped me to say yes to Him in my own life. There were times when it was intimidating to have two easter services after being around for less than a year, but seeing what came out of it was so worth it. That experience helped me to say yes spiritually and relationally. I’ve always heard the saying there are friends, there are family, and then there are friends that become family. That is what happened at Gateway. They are family. I’m a naturally quiet     person, and it took me a while to warm up, but being around authentic people helped me to become authentic.

What hands-on ministry, leadership training examples, personal mentorship experience did you gain?  I loved getting to learn from the pastors. They were incredibly authentic and modeled what they said. We talked a lot about replacing yourself so that you will always have a place and achieving progress over perfection, and giving the extra 10%. They lived out those values. I grew a lot just by watching and     the conversations we had. Also on the personal mentorship side, I was so humbled and honored to have one-on-one time with Pastor Elaine. Learning from her and chatting with her was a highlight for me.

How has the internship impacted your future? In the future, I see myself serving the local church. I feel like I got confirmation in my calling in ministry. Ministry isn’t a cakewalk, but it’s the one thing that I see myself doing. I want to continue to grow     in my knowledge of God and teach and the internship has helped me along in those areas.

Why would you recommend this internship? I would recommend this to anyone who is interested in church ministry. Gateway is comprised of an incredible group that is     willing to help you reach your calling.